About Us

History of ATLAS
ATLAS (Area Training for Library Administrators and Staff) was officially inaugurated in September, 2011, by adopting a set of bylaws. It grew out of Project Phoenix, a task force for succession of continuing education for library staff when Metropolitan Library System ran out of funding in 2008. Its predecessor, Zones 8 & 9, had a long history of joint programming and training. 

ATLAS provides continuing education opportunities for all staff levels, from front line through administration as well as annual library trustee training. ATLAS also facilitates special projects such as geocaching in the summer and a directors’ discussion group on a monthly basis. ATLAS applied for and received an FEIN in the fall of 2013. ATLAS continues to develop with a growing membership.

Board Members
Kathy Parker, President
Amy Crump, Vice-President
Megan Millen, Treasurer
Susan Dienes, Secretary
Sarah Cottonaro, Board Member
Jamie Paicely, Board Member
Amanda Kowalcze, Board Member