Previous Events & Announcements

2019 Annual Trustee Workshop

Thank you to everyone who attended our Annual Trustee Workshop on May 11, 2019, and to our speakers Mallory Milluzzi and Liz Brogan from Klein, Thorpe, and Jenkins, Ltd. and Alex Todd, Library Director at Prospect Heights Public Library District. The slideshow on budgets has been generously shared by Alex Todd and can be viewed here.

2018 MultiLibrary Staff Day

Kelsey Flynn has graciously shared her slides from her presentation at our MultiLibrary Staff Day on Friday, December 7th. The presentation can be viewed by clicking here: link. Thank you again to all our presenters and to all who attended our MultiLibrary Staff Day.

2017 MultiLibrary Staff Day

Aaron Schmidt has graciously provided his slides from the ATLAS Multi-Library Staff Day event on Friday, December 1st, 2017. The slides, as well as other documents that Aaron discussed during his presentation, can be found at Thank you again to all who attended, who made this the largest Multi-Library Staff Day that ATLAS has had the pleasure of hosting!